Schools, colleges and universities place a lot of importance on assignments, dissertations and theses.

What an examiner sees when he looks at the first page will often set his mind for the whole document.

Failure can often be due to spelling, punctuation and layout even if the content and knowledge is reasonable. So how can we help?

What we can do:
  • First impressions count. Poor layout, spelling and grammar errors will be marked down. We can advise and make changes.
  • Mistakes happen because we often think faster than we type. It can be difficult to spot the errors yourself.
  • References and bibliographies should comply with author-date referencing systems. We can guide you.
  • What you have written should make sense. Minor editing is undertaken where necessary.
  • We may consider that the document needs a real overhaul. We will advise on the changes to make.
What we do not do:
  • We cannot write your assignment. Please do not ask.
  • We probably know very little about your subject matter. We cannot correct content.
  • Only you can build your references. We do not know where you got your information from.
  • It is not our responsibility to check your work for plagiarism. You will probably have student access to an online checker. We suggest you use it before you engage our services.

All prices for assignments, dissertations and theses are based on 1.5 line spacing on an A4 page, whether printed or in electronic format.

Please submit in this form.

If your school requests it in some other form (e.g. double space), then it will be altered to meet the specification and reformatted after completion.

Preferred electronic formats are .doc, .docx, .odt (Open Document Format)

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